The Invaders
                            Legends of South African Music



VRS VR5 SS June/Iíll Try Again (1965 Ė pressing of 100)
Ice Cream and Suckers ST.039 Ice Cream and Suckers/Crying Time (1967 Ė 78rpm)
SSP 937 June/The Wedding (1966)
SSP 938 That Night/Dream On (1966)
SSP 949 Itís Gotta Be Love/Long Walk Home (1967)
SSP 955 Last Date/Kongo Kwela (1967)
SSP 956 You Are Always In My Heart/Thoko (1967)
SSP 977 Ice Cream And Suckers/Crying Time (1967)
SSP 982 Shock Wave/Goodbye My Love (1967)
SSP 983 Silent Night/Maryís Boy Child (1967)
SSP 992 Pictures Of Matchstick Men/You Better Get It (1968)
SSP 993 Cream Cheese And Crackers/Come Back To Me (1968)
SSP 1005 For Those Who Cry/Up Our Sleeves (1968)
TOS 500 Itís A Groove/Coffee And Do Nuts (1968)
TOS 501 Happy Days Are Here Again/I Canít Stop Loving You (1968)
TOS 503 Chapel Of Dreams/Iím A Midnight Mover (1968)
Shockwave R291 The More I See You/Wishing It Was You [Deelah & The Invaders] (1968)
TOS 532 Right By Your Side/You Got Too Many Boyfriends (1969)
RC 100 For Your Precious Love/Teardrops (1969)
RC 101 Iíve Got Dreams To Remember/Oh Darling (1969)
RC 102 Whatís Wrong With You/What A Wonderful World (1970)
RC 103 Born On The Bayou/People Got To Be Free (1970)
OKC 2001 Guess Who/Baby Youíre Hurting Me (1969)
MVS 306 Thereís A Light Thereís A Way/Astral 11 (1970)
MVS 315 Turn On The Sun/I Need You (1971)
MVS 322 Second Coming Part 1/Second Coming Part 2 (1971)
KBS 918 Panorama Kwela/If Only I Could Love (Cool Beat)
EP PSP 559 June/Dream On/Kongo Kwela/Ice Cream and Suckers (EP - 1967)


PSK 3283 Two Sides of the Invaders (1967-Phillips)
PSK3299 Shockwave (1967-Phillips)
TOS 703 One More Time (1968-Trutone)
SRC1 New Image (1969-Rave)
MVC 3512 There's a Light, There's a Way (1971-MVN)
BP 1026 The Best of the Invaders (1970-Rave)
BP 1027 The Best of the Invaders (1971-Rave)
BU 528 The Return Of The Invaders (1976-EMI)
CDREDD 689 The Heart & Soul Of The Invaders (2008-Gallo)

[Compiled by Tertius Louw, January 2008]

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